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Attempting to emulate the demonstrations depicted on this website without proper supervision by trained firefighters, law enforcement officers or medical personnel could lead to serious injury or death. The activities depicted in the video content of this website are potentially dangerous and hazardous and were filmed using professionals skilled in the field of fire safety, in a controlled environment, with licensed firefighters and medical personnel standing by. While all of the content shown here is real, these films are intended to dramatize the effectiveness of FireIce® and to provide visual depictions of the activities described in detail in the Owner's Manuals and Quick Start Guides provided with FireIce® extinguishers and other products. FireIce® Solutions does not encourage these activities or condone any attempts to recreate similar activities by non-professional individuals and disclaims any responsibility for any unauthorized actions resulting in injury or death due to the use of a FireIce® product or FireIce® equipment.

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FireIce Marina Protection/Boat Burn

FireIce Shield is used to protect an adjacent boat from burning while FireIce is used to extinguish the burning boat fire.

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FireIce XT Aerosol Comparison with Generic ABC Extinguisher

Watch the new FireIce XT Aerosol 20 ounce canister take on a generic ABC extinguisher in a variety of fire scenarios including these time stamped comparisons:

Stovetop Fire: 00:56
Oven Fire: 01:52
Lithium-ion Battery Fire: 02:35
Waterproof Flare Fire: 03:31
Tire Fire: 05:02
Wood Fire: 06:09

As the manufacturer, GelTech, describes it:

Firelce XT Aerosol uses a specially formulated water-based eco-friendly agent that is a safe and effective alternative to traditional ABC dry chemical agents used in common extinguishers, without the risk of inhalation, damage to skin or eyes, or harmful residues.

Unlike the FireIce XT Aerosol, additives found in most dry chemical extinguishers impose significant risk of lung disease with repeated exposure. And while the risk of target organ toxicity after a single exposure is not expected, the long-term risk after repeated exposure is unclear. ABC dry chemical exposure also causes immediate risks with inhalation, skin and eye exposure.

All dry chemical extinguishers require a specially fluidized and siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder (the active ingredient), most often coupled with ammonium sulfate. Generally,the dry chemicals are considered hazardous materials; they cannot be washed away in a sewer or landfill, must be swept up or vacuumed, contained in a hazardous waste drum, and hauled away for recovery or disposal.

Inadequate cleanup can lead to hazardous decomposition byproducts like oxides of carbon, ammonia, and oxides of phosphorus, nitrogen oxides.

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FireIce Shield Welding Blanket

Watch a FireIce Shield Welding Blanket protect delicate panel board and see the FireIce logo “burnout” from the surrounding protected area.

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Car Fire With Eductor

In this video, a fully engulfed car fire is extinguished using FireIce XT applied through an educted line.

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Car Fire with Extinguishers

In this video, a fully engulfed car fire is attacked by two firefighters equipped with a FireIce 2.5 Gallon Fire Extinguisher filled with FireIce XT.

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Magnesium Fire with Eductor

In this video, a magnesium fire is extinguished using FireIce XT applied through an eductor.

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Tire and Magnesium Fire with Extinguisher

Watch as a firefighter extinguishes several burning tires and a pile of magnesium shavings using a FireIce 2.5 Gallon Extinguisher filled with FireIce XT.

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FireIce Shield

In this overview of FireIce Shield, the versatility of the product is demonstrated on a wide array of hot work scenarios.

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FireIce Shield Demonstration

Capable of instantly cooling and preventing heat transfer, FireIce Shield is the ideal assistant tool for hot work jobs large and small, as this demonstration shows.

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FireIce Fire Blanket vs. Untreated Blanket

This comparison between a FireIce Fire Blanket and an untreated blanket provides a compelling visual demonstration of the enhanced protection provided by the blanket soaked in FireIce Shield. These welding blankets are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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