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Attempting to emulate the demonstrations depicted on this website without proper supervision by trained firefighters, law enforcement officers or medical personnel could lead to serious injury or death. The activities depicted in the video content of this website are potentially dangerous and hazardous and were filmed using professionals skilled in the field of fire safety, in a controlled environment, with licensed firefighters and medical personnel standing by. While all of the content shown here is real, these films are intended to dramatize the effectiveness of FireIce® and to provide visual depictions of the activities described in detail in the Owner's Manuals and Quick Start Guides provided with FireIce® extinguishers and other products. FireIce® Solutions does not encourage these activities or condone any attempts to recreate similar activities by non-professional individuals and disclaims any responsibility for any unauthorized actions resulting in injury or death due to the use of a FireIce® product or FireIce® equipment.

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