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Arcing and Encapsulating Toxic Compounds and Vapors (Kinectrics)

Results from five field test air sampling collections undertaken on January 18, 2011 at the High Current Laboratory (HCL) to evaluate the air emissions released from the application of FireIce® to artificially faults generated using copper and aluminum cables provided by GelTech Solutions. The study concluded that the application of FireIce® to neoprene jacketed copper and aluminum cables is effective in reducing airborne organic compounds and also airborne metals.

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Arson Investigations (FL Fire Marshall Report)

FireIce® product testing and demonstration report by the Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis

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Class 2-A and 40-A Cribs as well as a Ten-Tire Fire (UL 711) (Southwest Research Institute)

Results of fire extinguisher performance evaluation to determine the effectiveness of FireIce® extinguishers on Class 2-A and 40-A cribs as well as on extinguishment of tire fires.

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Class C Report Prepared for Consolidated Edison (Amped)

Class C testing of both the 2.5-gallon extinguisher assembly and the FireIce® hose stream induction method demonstrated that FireIce® can be used safely using current FDNY and ConEd safety practices at recommended stand-off distance of 25’.

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Conductivity and Voltage Tests Delineating Safe Distances for Use of FireIce® on Electrical Fires (Kinectrics)

Results of 13 tests delineating safe stand-off distances for the use of FireIce® on electrical fires.

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Corrosion Report (U.S.F.S.)

United States Forest Service Report on corrosion testing of FireIce® on aluminum, mild steel, yellow brass, and magnesium.

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