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Arson Investigations (FL Fire Marshall Report)

FireIce® product testing and demonstration report by the Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis

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Class 2-A and 40-A Cribs as well as a Ten-Tire Fire (UL 711) (Southwest Research Institute)

Results of fire extinguisher performance evaluation to determine the effectiveness of FireIce® extinguishers on Class 2-A and 40-A cribs as well as on extinguishment of tire fires.

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Class C Report Prepared for Consolidated Edison (Amped)

Class C testing of both the 2.5-gallon extinguisher assembly and the FireIce® hose stream induction method demonstrated that FireIce® can be used safely using current FDNY and ConEd safety practices at recommended stand-off distance of 25’.

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Conductivity and Voltage Tests Delineating Safe Distances for Use of FireIce® on Electrical Fires (Kinectrics)

Results of 13 tests delineating safe stand-off distances for the use of FireIce® on electrical fires.

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Corrosion Report (U.S.F.S.)

United States Forest Service Report on corrosion testing of FireIce® on aluminum, mild steel, yellow brass, and magnesium.

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FDA Informational Report (FDA)

Non-toxic to humans; safe for use around food for human consumption

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