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FireIce Shield® Fire Blankets

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FireIce Shield® Fire Blankets are the ideal assistant tool for welding jobs big and small. FireIce Shield® gel, combined with superior Silica fabrication, instantly cools, prevents burn-through, reduces the risk of accidental charring, burning or igniting and blocks thermal transfer while welding, cutting, brazing and soldering.

Available in multiple sizes to fit any job:

12″ x 18″    FI-SWB115   $38.00

3′ x 3′       FI-SWB33  $91.00

4′ x 5′       FI-SWB45  $132.00

5′ x 7′       FI-SWB57   $174.00

5′ x 10′     FI-SWB510 $237.00