Products: Extinguishers and Equipment

FireIce® is a proprietary, next-generation fire suppression agent that acts as a force multiplier by greatly enhancing the capability of water. When mixed with water, FireIce® helps break the fire triangle by creating a dense oxygen barrier and supercharges the cooling effect. FireIce® is a diverse product that can be used to combat fire, protect people and property from exposure, and as a direct suppressant for vehicle, structural and brush fires.

FireIce XT 30-Gallon Wheeled Extinguisher

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FireIce® UL Fire Extinguisher (2.5 G)

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FireIce® 2.5 G Fire Extinguisher Heater Bag (12v)

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FireIce® Extinguisher Hose Kit

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FireIce® Mounting Bracket Bungee for Extinguisher

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FireIce® Mounting Bracket Heavy Duty for Extinguisher

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