FireIce Solutions is the exclusive distributor of FireIce to fire departments, police departments, EMS and other first responders

Every second counts in an emergency.

FireIce® is a firefighting gel that makes water more durable, is easy to use and allows first responders to act effectively and efficiently to save lives and protect assets. 

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FireIce® has been tested internally and by independent, third party laboratories including fire departments, Pierce Manufacturing, Southwest Research Institute, Avomeen, Stillmeadow, Inc., University of Maryland and Kinectrics Lab.

The FireIce® Fire Extinguisher has received the coveted UL certification for use on Class A fires (tested to ANSI/UL 711 Specifications and NFPA Compliant). FireIce® has passed Metallurgical Testing, Uniform Corrosion Testing, Fish Toxicity Testing and Mammalian Toxicity Testing in accordance with Forest Service Specifications 5100-306a. FireIce® is on the Qualified Products List for the United States Forestry Service and has been certified by the FDA as “safe to be in contact with food for human consumption”.

FireIce® was a featured segment on the October 25th episode of Innovations.


Innovations is an award-winning television series hosted by actor, director and environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr. Innovations is dedicated to bringing viewers the most up-to-date, cutting edge information across a vast array of industries. From health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more, Innovations features practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike.

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How does FireIce® work?

FireIce® breaks the fire triangle by creating an oxygen barrier. It is effective at temperatures up to 10,000 degrees F and can last for up to 48 hours, can be easily rehydrated, has excellent adhesion on virtually all surfaces, including vertical surfaces, and instantly cools. FireIce® isn’t the only thing you’ll ever need, but it offers some unique benefits to first responders in emergency situations, when every second counts.

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